Ms Ellie Siadati | verticaldevelopment

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Ms Ellie Siadati

Ellie is Vertical Development's Accounts Manager, holding a  CPA Program Current-2013, as well as a  Master of Business Administration Current-2013 and a  Bachelor of Business, Guilan University, 2004, IRAN (Recognized by The Institute of Chartered accountants in Australia) .

Ellie is a highly motivated, hard working individual with high attention to detail, strong management skills and a great willingness to ensure the job is completed expeditiously.

·         Qualified accountant with 5 years work experience in accounting, analyzing and record keeping for different companies and industries

·         Recognized as an accountant in Australia by The Institute of Chartered Accountants

·         Registered BAS Agent

·         Full member of Association of Accounting Technicians Australia

·         Strong computer skills with strong knowledge of different accounting software packages with ability to learn quickly new software applications

·         Excellent analytical and problem-solving skills with ability to work with different industries