Mr Greg Collins | verticaldevelopment

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Mr Greg Collins

Greg is responsible for leading the Vertical Group of companies. He founded Vertical and heads the firm as the Managing Director. Commencing his successful real estate career in 1992, Greg rapidly earned a reputation as a true professional in the industry. His success enabled him to purchase the Vertical Group of companies in 2000 and establish a niche Real Estate company, which provides specialist property services to the East Coast of Australia. Greg has provided real estate advice and services over many cycles to the executives and principals of a distinguished list of the leading private and public real estate operating companies in the nation and abroad. Aside from Australia Greg has worked in Real Estate in London, Singapore and China. Greg’s clients have included prominent institutions, developers and multi-national corporations. He has undertaken major assignments for corporations such as Multiplex, Fraser Property, Australand, Country State, Saab Corp, Dae Ju Housing Co Ltd and Kimberly Securities Limited to name but a few.

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