Property Acquisitions | verticaldevelopment

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Property Acquisitions

Market Knowledge

Knowing the market is critical in order to make sound and profitable property investments. Vertical Developlment Group has over 100 years combined experience in property purchases with an impressive track record of substantial ROI to go with it.

Viability Study

A detailed viability study is prepared on any property which is under consideration by Vertical Development Group. This study is available to the Group's investors for their inspection. A property’s financials are always in flux. Vertical Development Group constantly assesses and reassesses the value of a property as they work toward a final purchase deal. Vertical’s Deal Sheet on any of the properties is shared with their investors so that they have a very current assessment of the value of their investments.

Property Investment Contracts

While every property brings with it unique investment opportunities, it also comes with its own set of investment issues. Vertical Development Group directors work to identify and then resolve these issues with the help of experts in the appropriate fields. Vertical development Group co-ordinates the entire process of drawing up all the legal agreements necessary to protect all parties. These contracts cover issues regarding, but not limited to, conveyances, raising of capital, forward tax planning, and construction. Every investor in an Vertical Development Group project comes away from the property purchase with a complete set of contracts including an initial set of drawings and plans.