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About Us

Vertical Development Group is known in the industry as an experienced, energetic, "forward thinking" company. Our personnel are thoroughly involved in each project and brings their own unique perspective and talent to the development.

The centrally located, Sydney family based company was formed in 2000. Since then, Vertical Development Group has grown exponentially in size, scope and profit, and has seen an annual increase in revenue of more than 50%. The business is underpinned by a substantial equity base and we are always in a “buying frame of mind” to consider the right opportunity. As a result we choose to follow the opportunity rather than be tied to targets. Our reputation is for creating investments for the institutional market. In addition we are well positioned to be both flexible and diverse, working with challenging market conditions as well as being in the healthy position of being able to make considered decisions where we can identify "added value" on any scheme. Ultimately, Vertical Development Group understands that while for their investors revenue is the bottom line, for their buyers it’s value for money. Therefore, the Group consistently looks to provide the best of both worlds.